State of the City
Mayor Jeff Brown
February 19, 2019

To the honorable members of the De Queen City Council, city employees, and my fellow citizens, I am pleased to report to you on the State of the City of De Queen, Arkansas.

2018 was an exciting year for the administration department as our Utility Billing Clerk and Deputy City Clerk retired making way for some fresh faces at City Hall. The city took ownership of the Ennis Plumbing building in May and cleared the lot behind city hall giving us several options for future growth. A 50 Megabit fiber optic line was installed at City Hall giving employees the ability to back up files and download police videos much faster.

The City’s Water Department saw its first full year of the new drive by water meter system which has led to increased revenues because of old meters not reading correctly. The water distribution department replaced approximately 1500’ of 6” water line as well as 1,000’ of service lines. The Water Treatment Plant produced 769 million gallons of treated water and of that amount 737 million gallons were billed.

The Street Department spent 89,000 dollars on it’s 2018 street program which included the paving of Redmen Cemetery and several alleys downtown. Sidewalks were replaced at Wilkerson Funeral Home, in front of Pilgrim’s processing plant, and 4th street in front of the Health Department. The city spent 6,000 dollars replacing old street signs around town in 2018 as well as picking up brush, trimming trees, and cleaning ditches in troubled areas.

The Parks Department continues to play a major part in city activities as they annually host events such as the Let Freedom Ring Festival and the always popular Arbor Day celebration at Herman Dierks Park. The football program started slow but ended with 72 players while the soccer program remained strong with 122 kinds. Renovation began October at the Sportsplex on field number 2 with the replacement of the backstop and press box. The City Swimming Pool has a steady year with no major accidents or complaints.

The Wastewater Department stayed busy by replacing 390’ of 6” sewer main as well as cleaning 1350’ of sewer line around town. 10 sewer taps were made for new customers and 260’ of 2” force main lines were installed. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is in good working condition and continues to stay within the allowable limits set forth by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

The De Queen Fire Department responded to 107 total alarms in 2018. The alarms ranged from public assistance, search and rescue, and structure fires. 2018 added the use of thermal imagery cameras which allow firefighters to detect hot spots that could cause fires to erupt. The De Queen Fire Department consist of 3 full time firefighters and 20 volunteers that endure numerous training hours ensuring the public’s safety.

2018 was a busy year for the De Queen Police Department as the responded to 7,131 calls. These calls ranged from traffic citations to felony drug arrest. Officers performed 6,000 security checks to ensure that the city remains safe and secure. All De Queen Police Department officers perform 16 hours of online training that keeps them qualified to perform their duties to the best of their ability. The city currently has 9 registered sex offenders residing in the city limits and are current on their registration. Three of these offenders are currently incarcerated. The De Queen Police Department spends many hours on patrol to make sure out residents remain safe.

It is an honor to serve as your Mayor and to be entrusted with the affairs of the City of De Queen.

May God bless De Queen and may he bless each one of you.